My name is Yannick Eckl. I am 29 years old from Germany, but living abroad as a digital nomad since almost two years, i.e. in Greece, Mexico, Ecuador and currently in Albania.

Originally, I am an Online Marketer (mainly SEO) & founded my first business with 15, back in 2007. I started into cryptocurrencies in March 2017; here better known as CR1337 since then I found no way back out. In all those years working full-time in this industry I found and read lots of different, weird things, digged in more than a few rabbit holes, and got quoted in international media outlets such as i.e. Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Cryptoslate, Gizmodo, Engadget, Heise, T3N & many others.

However, now I want to push it further. In a space where almost nobody looks closer, because so many things happen in such a short time frame, somebody just has too.

Doing in-depth research is fun for me. I have my eyes always open, especially when it comes to questionable actions from cryptocurrency projects, scams and fraudulent actors.

Here I you will find the results of my work - I hope they might help some people!

If you want to connect with me the best options are Twitter and LinkedIn